Workshop the future of Immersive Learning

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Join us to eat breakfast and create the future of Immersive Learning (IL) at our next exclusive Breakfast event.

Immersive technology – a broad spectrum of tools spanning 360 video, simulations, VR, AR and MR – is still emerging and finding its niche in learning and development.

This means now is the perfect time to experiment, because small moves can have big impacts.

Investment and experimentation in IL is on the up. 30% of L&D leaders are using immersive games and simulations today, up 10% from two years ago, with most just at the experimental stage. A further 15% are aiming to invest in AR for 2020.

Education and training is the one sector where demand for AR/MR most outstrips supply, and outside investment interest is shifting from VR towards a blend of mixed and augmented solutions and platforms.

Bellweather sectors are using immersive already:  oil, aviation, healthcare, military and engineering are all leading the way.

What’s to stop you dipping a toe into Immersive?

The main barriers to adoption right now are cost of equipment and development and the time to build out these capacities.

This new Studio Session will filter out the actionable strategies for Immersive Learning, and help you work out how to dip your toes in – without getting over your head!

Spaces at this event are strictly limited, so register to join our group of L&D experts to learn and discuss:

  • Business areas and problems where IL is the answer
  • How to close the skills gaps preventing wider adoption
  • How to leverage the cost of investment for fast results
  • How to experiment and iterate with Immersive Learning project

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