Working from home and managing work environments

#WorkingFromHome and managing work environments

For most people #WFH is a simple binary choice – home or office? But many people have a third option and another type of work day: On The Road. Our Client Director Analyn Pelayre shares what it’s like to manage that variety in your working days – and why Working From Home is her favourite.

Most people are either working from home or working from the office. I, on the other hand, am currently working on the road, in NY, NY as I write this blog.

I love working on the road, as it gives me the opportunity to meet my clients face to face. Although, jet lag is currently not my best friend at the moment! I’m grateful to have the opportunity to have a career that allows me to travel. Call me cheesy, but I’ve always wanted a career that allowed me to travel abroad, so technically I’m already living one of my goals!

One of the things I do miss when working on the road or from home, is having conversations and exchanging ideas with my work colleagues in the office. Our team always communicate with each other via Whatsapp, Skype and even video calls, but nothing compares to speaking to each other face to face.

I enjoy working from the office, as I get to see everyone and catch up with them too, especially during our social evenings. One of the downsides of living far away from the office as I do, is the amount of time I lose during the regular commute. So, I try to be as productive as possible in that downtime, reading books and listening to podcasts on the train.

But my favourite kind of day has got to be the #WorkingFromHome day, even though getting into the rhythm of it took me a while. When I first started working from home one of the things I had to figure out was my daily routine. How do I use those additional hours gained?

My day starts off with some meditation and reading my books. I prefer to wear my gym outfit whilst working from home, just in case I want to go to the gym during lunchtime or straight after work. I am ready to go – no need to waste time changing! A quick breakfast and some green tea – and I’m ready to start the day.

To ensure I stay focused I listen to music and I work on a 20 minutes interval. Work really hard for 20 minutes, then a 5/10 minutes break and back to 20 minutes again. I also use my daily planner to plan my day, as well as my Outlook calendar.

I know, I need to consolidate them into one, but I’m forever deciding whether writing down my actions for the day is better than using my calendar. Any advice?

Working from home is an important part of the puzzle for managing my workload and work-life balance. The days WFH enable me to replenish my batteries after the exertion and unpredictability of life OTR, avoid a lengthy and unpredictable commute, and focus that energy into meditation, exercise and other self-care activities which all help my productivity.

Ironically for someone who benefits so much from WFH, I’m actually in Brightwave’s New York office today. I’ll be so busy working with all our new clients that when I get back to the UK I will definitely need a WFH day to recover 🙂

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