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Onboarding represents the most extraordinary opportunity to build your optimal company climate from the ground up.

Unfortunately, it’s usually sidelined as a time-draining chore – and it often does more harm than good.

While induction programmes have barely evolved in 20 years, businesses have only become more complex and fast-moving. Nowadays, the PowerPoint slides are out of date before they even make it into the new starter pack.

Most people think of compliance as a mindless box-ticking exercise. But reputational damage is a big and urgent issue.

It’s become the major compliance risk for today’s global, highly networked companies, and there’s some serious fallout going on.

Fact 1

74% of UK board members see reputational damage as the most significant consequence of an incident¹.

Fact 2

The average cost of a single data breach is USD$4m, up 29% since 2013².

Fact 3

73% of companies are concerned about poor user awareness and behaviour displayed around the mobile devices we all now use in our roles³.

Every day brings a new app or platform promising to transform your business. And that’s great. But repeated systems upgrades can be disruptive (to say the least).

Systems transformation and training is a bit like building a plane in the air. You can never know quite what’s going to happen, but you can be sure there will be turbulence.

But with the right approach, you can keep adapting until it all comes together and whoosh!

You’re flying.

Nothing fazes us. We’ve seen it all before. We can help you get through it. And you know what?
You might even enjoy the ride.

Digital Transformation

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Nowadays, we use digital services all day, every day. But these services, from Amazon to Netflix to Facebook, don’t feel like services.
They just feel like part of our lives.

They’re effortlessly intuitive. They’re thoroughly personalised. They’re inherently social. They continually adapt to who we are, where we are and what we want.

So when we come across Learning Management Systems (LMS), we expect nothing less.

We expect them to be intuitive. Personalised. Social. Adaptive.

Simply part of our lives.

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