WEBINAR: Digital business simulations: Strategy, design… and serious play!

Dates 18 MAY / 2017
Times 10.00am – 11.00am
Type Webinar
Price Free
Venue Online
Speakers Caroline Freeman and Colin Welch, Brightwave Group. Hosted by Donald Taylor of the Learning and Skills Group
Whether scenario- or numerically-based, business simulations are becoming increasingly important to today’s learning blend.

Today’s networked business has to contend with entirely new levels of complexity and variety. A single organisation will simultaneously operate in multiple, radically different contexts depending on time, place and business mission. Managing this need for new skills and knowledge is becoming a challenge for leading organisations across the globe.

Business simulations provide an active, dynamic learning space where leaders and teams can learn how to respond to complex challenges and improve their performance without risk to the real business. They can improve decision making and strategy execution across all levels of the organisation.

On May 18th 2017, Brightwave Group’s Director of Design Caroline Freeman returned with our Head of Production Colin Welch to the LSG’s industry-leading webinar series to discuss the effectiveness of biz sims in the learning blend.

Click here to watch the full session or check out the slides below:

Learning points:

  • The difference between data-driven and scenario driven simulations
  • Real-life examples of business simulations making an impact on the bottom line
  • Lessons learned in the development and roll-out of these projects
  • The nuts-and-bolts of designing and planning a business simulation – and how to make the lessons stick

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