Waveform webinar

Moving beyond off-the-shelf authoring tools: The Waveform story

Dates 26 JULY / 2018
Times 4.00 – 5.00 PM (UK time)
Type Webinar
Price Free
Venue Online
Hosts Nick Eastham, Learning Tech Consultant
Lara Gobbi, Head of Visual Design.

In our recent webinar we explored how the current e-learning marketplace is groaning under the weight of dozens of different authoring tools, each with its own distinctive strengths and weaknesses.

With this diversity of options it can be difficult to know how to move forward and create e-learning that is unique and breaks the mould.

Waveform is our response to this impasse: a flexible and extensible authoring tool that frees us from the constraints of off-the-shelf authoring tools, and allows us to create truly bespoke digital learning experiences that meet the needs of our customers.

It’s why we are able to produce e-learning solutions tailor-made to our clients’ needs, with bespoke solutions that are new and different every time within reasonable cost- and time-frames.

Our investment in this best-of-breed e-learning development platform demonstrates our commitment to the highest e-learning standards possible and our long-held ambition to move the industry forward with learning design and learning technology working perfectly together.

Join our Learning Tech Consultant Nick Eastham and Head of Visual Design Lara Gobbi to discover the story behind this cutting-edge tool, and find out why Waveform’s unique learning design capacities delivers ideal solutions for:

  • Learning design that does what YOU want it to
  • Business-critical learning and behaviour change
  • Brand storytelling and digital body-language
  • Luxury product training that looks like nothing else out there.

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