Waveform spotlight: Instant learner engagement

Waveform spotlight: Instant learner engagement

Waveform spotlight: Instant learner engagement

In this short video, our Learning Technologies Consultant and Head of Visual Design look at the ways we can use design features and subconscious UX cues to boost learner engagement and draw in your learners from the very first screen.

From flexible scrolling to hand-crafted animation and parallax layering, these rich interactions demonstrate just some of the design potential of our unique authoring framework Waveform.

Watch Nick and Lara in the video above, or read the transcript of their conversation below:

LARA: There’s no game element here but you see how flexible waveform can be. You’re scrolling, and as you scroll the animations are anchored to your scrolling. You have these beautiful little, slick animations that load into the screen – and that’s just the menu! So as soon as the learner gets here they’re engaged right away. You can even take them back into a more ‘classical’ e-learning interface, but you’ve got them at this point. They’re not going to close the window, they’re not going to skip right through it: they’re engaged.

NICK: I’m controlling this with my scroll-wheel on my mouse. It’s not a typical click-a-button, click-next navigation. The way this functions is all timeline-based. With Waveform there’s a time-line built into it which can be literally time, you could have this playing out without me interacting with it based on how many seconds have passed, but equally we can tie it into the scroll wheel and the scroll position of your screen, so that that’s driving the timeline instead and that’s what’s happening here. At the bottom here we’ve got these little guys welding the rocket, can you see all the sparks? There are these sparks flying off and all of that was done by hand, that’s bespoke animations of little PNG graphics rotating, and the little sparks are flying off on a path there and fading as they go –that was all done by hand, and we can just do that.

LARA: It’s these little details. This is a pretty brand and it works, it’s quite cartoony so it works, the transitions are quite bouncy – but we can slow these right down and we’ve done it for very luxurious brands where we have panels fading in. (We can probably show you some of those a bit later.) It’s very slick and it’s creating a sense of richness.

NICK: We used this timeline for another client where as you scrolled you controlled a car, it went down the screen, down the road, round the roundabout, through a tunnel, into a gas station and into a car park, and that was all just controlled through your scroll-wheel to scroll down the screen. So anything is possible – you wouldn’t normally see that in an e-learning course, but here it is. We’ve got a couple of similar things for the same client: now we’re scrolling horizontally rather than vertically. This is the menu. You can see it has a parallax effect, there are different levels, different layers to the animation there.

LARA: Is that a little dog there?

NICK: Yeah a little dog with his eyes going left and right.

LARA: That’s the thing – those little details there. The parallax, there’s so many layers to it but if you stop for a second you have the little Super Mario tap, right? These little gamified elements that make the experience. Straight away – that does not look like e-learning to me.

NICK: There’s another one similar. This is another module from the same course. As you drag along the doors open on the train, and as you get to the end you see some people going up the escalator there. It just lifts it. It’s that shop window for your e-learning – to have that engaging first impression. It’s just the menu but you’d see that and think ‘Ah OK, I’m going to have a look at this, this looks interesting.’

LARA: It’s also worth adding – these are the menus, once you click in, some clients don’t want to have all these things, they want to have something that’s a bit more basic or a bit more stripped-down, and Waveform can do that too.

NICK: You’re right. Some clients are uncomfortable with this kind of scrolling approach to presenting the content, but are happy to do that on a menu. So we like to bend those two approaches to ‘Whatever the requirement is, we can do that.’

To talk to Nick or Lara about how we can put their design skills to good work for you and your learners, just get in touch to arrange a meeting.

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