Waveform spotlight: Benefits of pets

Waveform spotlight: Benefits of pets

In this webinar clip, Nick Eastham and Lara Gobbi take a look at Mars Petcare’s Benefits of Pets learning solution. This rich, interactive, video-led project shows some of the design flexibility of our authoring framework Waveform.

Watch above or read the transcript below:

NICK: This is Mars Petcare. Lara this is one of your favourites I think?

LARA: This course in particular – As soon as you land on it you see see how immersive it is: full-screen, you have one action point that’s it. Press Play and you dive right in to it.

NICK: You’re right this doesn’t look like an e-learning course to me. It’s not doing that ‘e-learning in a box’ thing. You’re not restricted visually. Full-screen, looks great, like a cool website that you’re going to dive into. Shall we have a little play?

VIDEO: ‘We’ve shared a special relationship with our four-legged friends for thousands of years…’

NICK: This course kicks off instantly with full-screen video. It’s a video led course.

LARA: It’s a game and it’s very linear. We’ll get to it in later screens but you’ve got this repetitive question format which in any other more basic authoring tool would get boring – you need to be more dynamic. Because this is so immersive and engaging, having this A-B question-answer, it makes it much more interesting. Look at those nice little transitions there while you hover over the buttons. And on the left there are badges that you can collect, and below the progress as you go through the various videos – it’s all so linear and yet engaging.

NICK: It feels slick doesn’t it, you don’t feel like you’re loading a slide, then clicking next to another slide. That’s what’s happening – you’re going froom a video to a question to a video – but it doesn’t feel like that. You feel like you’re in a television programme but you’re driving what happens next.

LARA: Exactly. Look at these nice little transitions, the way they fade in. That’s quite particular. It just creates the whole experience, right? It doesn’t get repetitive. You’ve just used the same format in the previous question, but you’ve just engaged. I can’t think of anything else to compare it to, except websites. That’s what we like about this one. Normally you would have the navigation at the beginning and then you’d delve into the different modules, but here you go through this very linear experience and then right at the end you get the opportunity to explore more, and you give the user that kind of control, which is great – the learner needs to have that kind of control these days.

NICK: Yeah it’s put the content, if you like, at the end there – if I click on these different badges, you’ve got a summary of what you’ve picked up through looking at much more engaging content – here is the text version of it, to have a quick recap at the end, and this looks much more like your typical e-learning, but even this is richer: It’s a full screen experience, everything moves nicely.

LARA: What’s great about Waveform is how you can mix and match that way, it doesn’t need to be all fully immersive – you can put all the different elements together as you want – it’s up to us as visual designers, learning designer and developers.

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