VR’s iPhone moment? Join our Immersive Learning Studio Session

On March 19th Brightwave assembled a team of experts in our central London Learning Studio to workshop the future of Immersive Learning.

In this clip Dan Jones talks you through the Oculus Go, the standalone VR headset that could finally give VR its iphone moment.

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Video transcript:

We’re running an Immersive Learning event soon and I want to show you a bit about the kit we’ll be using.

This is the Oculus Go.

The 90s have a lot to answer for. When you think VR you see wires, bulky gloves and helmets, maybe even body stockings

But the game’s all changed. We’re getting serious about VR in 2019 because VR has hit its iPhone moment.

In the same way the iPhone made digital available to anyone – small and cheap but simple and powerful…

…The Oculus Go is going to do the same for VR.

It’s that simple.

It takes away all the pain and hassle of VR hardware.

And it doesn’t have to break the bank either: Twenty-five hundred dollars will get you a suite of ten headsets in your L&D department.

And then it’s time to start thinking about your immersive learning software and design – which is where we really come in.

I’m going to show you all this and much more at our Learning Studio Session.



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