Three under-the-radar e-learning authoring tools

Reviewing under-the-radar authoring tools

In this video, join our  Learning Technologies Consultant Nick Eastham as he takes you on a tour of Three under-the-radar authoring tools.  Nick knows the authoring tool scene like no-one else out there. Here, he shares the secrets of the industry and takes you on a tour of three road-tested authoring tools you may not be familiar with.

These are ones you may not already be familiar with, but are offering something a little different and offering new ways of putting learning on-screen.

As a tool-agnostic e-learning supplier we always recommend the right authoring tool for the needs of the project and the requirements of the client, with no prejudice or preference. This puts us in a unique position compared to many vendors in our space who tend to use one particular e-learning tool for all their projects,

But it also places a serious responsibility on us to keep up with the latest developments on what is becoming an increasingly busy and competitive marketplace. In competition with the well known and well established e-learning tools, such as Storyline, Captivate and Lectora, which have been with us and evolving in their various iterations for a decade or more, there is now a chasing pack of disruptive entrants into the space.

Each one offers their own variety of options and advantages to today’s learning designers, with new choices and new ways to present learning content onto screens of all sizes.

Enter Nick into the crowded playing field of e-learning authoring tools, who makes it his business to keep abreast of all the apps and platforms available to today’s industry. He has tried and tested these three newer, less well-known tools, and worked out their respective strengths, weaknesses and general idiosyncrasies:

Find out what he makes of them in our video below…

This authoring tool review video was initially released as part of June’s Learning Today webinar. 

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