Uncanny Valley meets the Empathy Machine: CG content Vs 360° video in immersive learning

Uncanny Valley meets the Empathy Machine: CG content vs 360° video in immersive learning #LT19UK

Date 13th FEB / 2019
Times 2:45 PM – 3:15 PM
Venue Theatre 11, Learning Technologies Exhibition, London Excel

How real do we want our digital realities to be?

Learning technology is the magpie of the digital industries, picking freely from other formats to create effective learner experiences. From interactive plotlines to character-driven scenarios, we help ourselves to the best bits of other media to do our work.

The latest to step into sight are the immersive technologies of AR/VR and 360° video. They provide unparalleled ability to engage learners inside rich, fully-interactive and reflective spaces.

But like all new technologies, they come with a new set of rules to understand. How do we unlock the potential of immersive environments while staying focused on learning objectives? Can learning solutions become too realistic, or too interactive?

Join our Senior Consultant Olivia Lory Kay at this keenly-awaited conceptual session using the latest research, insight and case studies to show you how to:

  • Balance the possibilities of the Empathy Machine with the dangers of the Uncanny Valley
  • Understand how immersive technology takes control of the nervous system to create unforgettable experiences
  • Know when to use computer-generated content, and when immersive video is more useful
  • Design immersive learning spaces that are believable, exciting and effective
  • Leverage biometric data to drive engagement within a compliant and ethical framework


About Olivia

With extensive experience as a writer, director and producer within the film industry Olivia brings an inspirational and creative perspective to our learning and development solutions.  Focusing on strategic communications and the role of emergent technologies she is an expert in melding business needs with creative thinking while tackling each and every kind of learning challenge with an innovative eye. Olivia has been putting her talents toward practical working adaptations of immersive learning and is looking forward to sharing her findings at her first Learning Technologies event.

Her consultancy expertise is broad and encompasses:

  • Stakeholder engagement / management
  • Business development / marketing
  • Workshop design / development
  • Thought leadership
  • Comms campaigns


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