The total learning system: Discovery, productivity and skills

How did you learn how to do your job? How do you solve a problem when you get stuck? Where do you go for the knowledge you need to advance your career?

In our new whitepaper, four Brightwave experts including CEO Charles Gould answer these questions by describing the core components of the total learning system. Critical to this new system of learning is the realisation that today’s worker finds ways of discovering the skills and information vital to their role without formal learning interventions.

The total learning system encompasses social, informal and ‘traditional’ e-learning in one comprehensive approach, going far beyond the simple learning management systems that have become the default mode for learning provision over the last decade.

This paper is written for L&D professionals and managers who are passionate about improving skills, knowledge and productivity in the workplace and recognise the current opportunity to greatly improve the way this is achieved.

About the whitepaper

Download The total learning system: Discovery, productivity and skills to discover how four essential elements of next generation learning meet the needs and expectations of the knowledge economy, radically renewing learning for today’s organisation:

  • A social learning system – where learners create, share and discuss their own learning experiences.
  • Curation tools – to assemble and contextualise up-to-the-minute knowledge and know-how.
  • A Learning Management System – for structured learning pathways and tracking formal learning content through the organisation.
  • A Learning Record Store – for capturing, codifying and sharing the experiences and expertise of the modern learner.

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