tessello roadmap 2019

The new tessello roadmap: Plotting the learning pathway in 2019

2019 is still in its infancy, but what a year it promises to be! tessello‘s Simon Emery unveils our latest major contribution to the evolution of  LMS technology…

As Product Owner of our next gen learning platform tessello it’s my role to plan our vision of its growth and evolution. And I’m tingling with excitement!

At the end of last year we got out and about, talking to a number of our customers to understand how tessello is working for them and what they want from their LMS. We combined all this information with a broad survey of the latest industry research and team tessello’s combined 101 years of learning industry experience to produce the new tessello roadmap.

We found from our users that most or all of their priority requirements could be boiled down to five core pillars, and we’ve made sure that all items on the roadmap help achieve at least one of them. If a new function doesn’t positively map to one of these areas, it doesn’t get built.

tessello’s five pillars

So, what are the five core pillars of tessello?

1. Form a learning habit – Helping you create a culture where people love to learn

2. Develop talent – Guiding your people to become their best selves: identifying development opportunities at both individual and organisational level

3. Measure impact – Discovering the true effect of learning within your organisation

4. Build a learning ecosystem – Knitting all your sources of information into a cohesive, high-end learner experience

5. Support tessello growth – Ensuring the technology behind tessello is at all times both stable and scalable

Do these principles resonate with you? Can you see how they would help improve learning within your organisation?

In addition to the exploration of our five pillars, we also looked at the presentation of our roadmap. It’s important to us that everyone not only sees what we are working on right now, but also the future direction of tessello.

The roadmap is split in to three (hopefully) self-explanatory sections:

• NowSpecific, granular items that we’re currently working on

• NextBroader areas of focus that will be worked on in the coming development cycle

• FutureLarge scale ambitions to be refined further into concrete proposals as they approach the Now column

The roadmap is a snapshot of how we see tessello developing right now – but priorities change. Just because something is on the Next list, doesn’t automatically guarantee it will be the next item to be worked on. I’m sure if you asked the head of Gatwick airport in early December how high drone defence systems were on their ‘to-do’ list you would have been laughed out the room.

Technology, industries and best practise are evolving at an eye-watering pace and the roadmap is reviewed and revised on an ongoing basis to reflect our latest understanding of what our Clients need.

So with that all said – here it is. Click the image below.

tessello roadmap 2019

The tessello roadmap

Your input really is what helps make tessello better. We believe transparency is essential for building a great product. That’s why going forward we are publishing our roadmap for everyone to see: we want to hear your feedback.

So all that’s left is to ask the one big question:

What do you need from your learning management system? Let us know.

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