Developing Immersive for the learning blend WEBINAR

Check out our immersive learning webinar, where we shared all the insights from our recent Immersive Learning Studio Session.

Brightwave’s Senior Consultant Olivia Lory-Kay and Head of Immersive Production Mike Harris dissected the findings from our recent event, where we were joined by a team of L&D experts to unlock the potential of Immersive.

Find out how to take a practical and common sense approach to fit Immersive into the learning blend: ideas and actionable strategies from our workshop which show you how to research Immersive’s potential and pitfalls, locate a suitable business problem where Immersive is the answer, and start small through experiment and iteration

The rules around Immersive Learning are still being written, so small moves now can have big effects later on – we’ll help you to move now and build your future advantage.

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