The FRESello Story: How a next gen LMS transformed First Rate’s learning culture

First Rate Exchange Services, the UK’s leading supplier of foreign currency to the financial services, travel and retail sectors, adopted the total learning system tessello to support a next generation learning strategy and boost performance across the organization.


First Rate identified learning and development as the ideal opportunity to refresh the organization’s potential for learning, innovation, creativity and knowledge management. With potential indicators suggesting that key skills and expertise were being lost in silos, a bold new approach was needed. The existing learning management system was also identified as being cumbersome and frustrating for learners, with serious knock-on effects limiting speed of completion and engagement with First Rate’s stock of traditional online learning content and courses.

The key strategic learning and development challenge faced by First Rate was how to unlock and cascade individual skills expertise and experience for the benefit of the whole organisation: finding the silent talent, the hidden subject matter experts, and turning them into new mentors, thought leaders and superstars for everyone else to learn from.

Capturing and sharing personal and informal learning experiences is a key activity for First Rate’s community members – unlocking individual expertise in an ongoing, dynamic process of organizational change, turning personal knowledge into value-added assets available for the benefit of the whole company.

Achieving such significant change in a mode that respected First Rate’s working culture and took advantage of their high personal engagement rates was an essential consideration, within the context of a platform which could repurpose and boost completion rates of their existing learning content programmes.

They chose tessello.


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Moving to a social learning strategy with tessello had swift results as a vibrant and engaged FRESello learning community soon emerged. Breathing new life into the entire organization’s learning culture, the social space sees new discussions and contributions from learners at all levels – every day, with a host of associated business benefits:

  • Unlock expertise to benefit the whole organization
  • Transform siloed organizational culture into an open learning strategy
  • Capture and harness First Rate’s existing informal and experiential learning into company-wide learning content assets
  • Identify and reward engaged learners, key talent, emerging superstars and existing subject matter experts
  • Refresh stale formal learning content to fit a next generation learning approach
  • Build a vibrant and engaged social learning community to incubate innovation, creativity and effective information management

The community’s ratio of individual replies to leading comments indicates a high rate of organic momentum:

Since launch over 80 learning resources have been completed per learner:


“Brightwave took time not only to understand our needs but also helped when influencing key decision makers. We liked the simplicity of tessello: the fact that it is not only a next gen LMS but also a coaching platform, allowing
colleagues to comment or give immediate feedback (powerful when communicating new information); the ease with which we could manipulate the platform; and of course its social learning functionality – key in today’s modern world.

Key to Brightwave’s success was the after-sales service it provided – so often missing from other providers, or included only as an extra chargeable service. A one-to-one meeting with Brightwave’s Community Engagement Coordinator was also critical to a successful launch.”

– Oliver Daly, Learning and Development Consultant at First Rate.

To download a copy of this tesssello case study as a .pdf click here.

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