tessello in at #25 on Craig Weiss’ Top 50 LMS list for 2018

Brightwave’s next gen Learning Management System tessello has leapt into LMS guru Craig Weiss’ 2018 Top 50 LMS list at number 25!
tessello’s deserved inclusion on the industry-defining list from one of L&D’s most trusted experts reflects the development of the platform over the past year. During this time the LMS market itself has become ever-more competitive, with over 1,000 management systems now commercially available.

The increasing sophistication of the systems included on the Weiss list reflects the relative advances in the market as a whole, and as such includes for the first time –

“Learning engagement platforms, sales enablement platforms, knowledge reinforcement tools which are sub-systems or sub-platforms of either an LMS, LCMS, [or] learning platform.”

Brightwave’s Chief Technology Officer Mark Aberdour said:

“tessello’s inclusion on the Weiss Group’s definitive LMS list is an exciting development for our exceptional platform and a fantastic validation of Team tessello’s work this year. It indicates a cultural shift in the packed LMS market towards nimble, focused platform solutions that make a real difference to specific enterprise outcomes. We are of course delighted to claim our rightful place at the forefront of this trend.”

Learning management systems have been around for a long time, but were for decades used as basic compliance tools for big businesses, and gained a (often deserved) reputation as the poor cousins to expensive classroom training.

But in recent years their complexity has skyrocketed. Their underlying technology has dramatically improved, they’re deeply embedded within organisations, and they’re better leveraged to deliver the best learning and behaviour-change outcomes.

Blended programmes, multiple learning approaches, 24 hour access, seamless integration with other systems and user notifications have all become standard.

They’ve proved their worth, and even small companies are using them to drive impressive results. The ongoing popularity and industry relevance of Weiss’ Top 50 LMS list is testament to their increasingly critical presence for driving L&D outcomes across all business verticals and profiles.

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