People-first cyber awareness training

RESILIA® Frontline takes your employees on a journey to safe digital skills and a secure working culture. 

Engaging and innovative, RESILIA® Frontline is GCHQ certified cyber awareness training. It delivers lasting behaviour change with measurable benefit by delivering training all year round, engaging your learners with an effective blend of e-learning, games, animations and simulations. Regularly updated in response to ever-changing cybercrime, RESILIA® Frontline engages learners to protect themselves against innovations in cybercrime.

Reducing cyber risk by empowering your people

Check out our recent webinar exploring why people-centric security is your best defence against attack:

Cyber security starts with people

See RESILIA® Frontline – cyber security best practice in practice:

Regularly updated security content

The cybersecurity threats we face are constantly evolving and adapting. The RESILIA® Frontline content is regularly updated to respond to these new and emerging attack techniques to ensure your people remain aware of these key areas of risk:

Certified. Trusted. Secure.

RESILIA® Frontline creates a secure-first organisation with a suite of certified and effective online awareness learning for all staff. Ongoing, bite-size and directly relevant to everyday behaviours, RESILIA® Frontline minimises disruption through learning in the workflow:




Four steps to a cybersecure organisation

We approach the global issue of cyber-risk through four adaptive and personalised content modules:

Award-winning digital learning content


Brightwave are multiple award-winning behaviour-change specialists in the cybersecurity space. Our recent program of research and consultation supports our decades of experience and this key fact:

Secure-first cultures deploy the latest information to drive secure behaviour.

Get in touch today and see how we adapt RESILIA® Frontline to your unique cybersecurity challenges.

Your people are your best defence

Telstra highlighted in their 2019 Global Security Report that: “…the greatest risk to IT security is human error.

Our unwitting actions – regardless of our role or responsibility – are the greatest security vulnerability organisations face. Engaging the workforce to embed secure everyday behaviours requires expert understanding of how people learn, plus the simple, practical knowledge we all need to do the right thing at the right time.

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