Secure-first people-centric training

A proven cybersecurity training suite


RESILIA® Frontline takes your learners on a transformational journey to a secure-first working culture. 

By delivering training all year round in a way that suits how we learn, learners are engaged with a diverse blend of e-learning, games, animations and simulations.

Continually updated and never dull, RESILIA® Frontline engages learners so they can spot the persistent and innovative tricks cybercriminals use to take advantage of unconscious, non-secure working practices and habits.

Today’s secure organisations minimise risk by understanding that cyber resilience is fundamentally a human and not just a technology issue. It’s about creating social expectations around effective permissible behaviours in the workplace that drive a compliant and competent workforce.


Real cybersecurity is not about coding or systems


Brightwave are multiple award-winning behaviour-change specialists in the cybersecurity space.

Our recent program of research and consultation at our Compliance Learning Studio Sessions supports our decades of experience in the learning space that taught us this key fact:

Secure-first cultures arise in organisations where learners are supported with the latest information to mutually influence positive working behaviours.

It’s about leveraging positive social bonds to encourage behaviour change.


Four steps to a cybersecure organisation


RESILIA® Frontline is spaced throughout the year in a regular program of ongoing online refresher sessions. Engaging and competitive, the solution delivers lasting behaviour change with measurable benefit.

We approach the global issue of cyber-risk through four adaptive and personalised content modules:

  • Managing Online Risks
  • Keeping Safe Online
  • Protecting Information
  • Safe Device Use

To see how we adapt these modules to work for you…


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