24th October 2019: Re-energising the workforce

When: 24th October 2.30-4.30PM
Where: The Learning Studio, London W1

Learning Studio Session:
Overcoming learning fatigue

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    How do we beat the pressure and overcome learner fatigue?

    The workplace is undergoing its biggest changes since the last industrial revolution. The learning function is at the forefront of managing this acceleration.

    To match the pace of change, the elearning industry will have to double in the next decade* – and that’s great for L&D.

    But is it good for learners? We already know learning fatigue is becoming a real issue.

    The consequences are all too familiar: disengagement, low productivity, attrition.

    But we have exciting options for overcoming these hurdles as they emerge:

    • Learning experiences that re-energise your workplace culture
    • Collaborative learning in the flow of work
    • Crafted learning campaigns

    Together these converging technologies add up to a unique shift in corporate learning culture. And not a moment too soon.

    Because the great expansion in elearning is arriving at exactly the moment we have more to offer than ever.

    We are assembling a team of L&D experts in our next Learning Studio Session of 2019 to solve the challenges and address the ambitions that matter to YOU. Fill in the form below to register and join us to re-energise your learning culture and transform L&D’s role in the enterprise:


    Arrival and coffee

    Setting the scene

    3x rapid learning sessions: solutions for overcoming learner fatigue

    3 working groups discuss 3 key topics

    Feedback and discussion continue

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      Tick the box so we can send you info about the Studio Session. See our Privacy Policy below.


      *Source: Meet the Modern Learner: Engaging the Overwhelmed, Distracted, and Impatient Employee, Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP

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