Plug and play: Integrating with your learning ecosystem

Throughout 2017 there has been increasing amount of buzz about learning ecosystems and how the next generation of learning delivery system fits into this new world order. Brightwave CTO Mark Aberdour surveys the scene…

This great article by John Leh on The New Corporate Learning Ecosystem underlines this new wave of interest in the learning network-as-ecosystem, as does this Josh Bersin article, The Disruption of Digital Learning. Fosway also added ‘next generation learning platforms’ into their 2017 market report, making the important distinction that these are NOT your traditional learning management systems.

These leading analysts all point to a new breed of learning platform, one that is built to deliver highly engaging, digital learning experiences. They argue that these platforms can not only exist as standalone systems for smaller businesses, but can also peacefully coexist with traditional learning management systems in the global enterprise. At tessello, it goes without saying that we are really pleased to see respected analysts in the learning technologies world coming round to this way of thinking.

This is exactly how Brightwave positioned tessello when it was released in 2012, and we’ve been busy cementing that position ever since.

The backdrop to this learning technology shift has been a drive by the enterprise LMS vendors to increasingly offer everything under one roof: learning, talent, performance, recruitment and more. Their drive towards monolithic, do-it-all systems has resulted in products that tend to excel in one area (most likely where the vendor originally played before branching out) and do everything else rather… averagely.

E-learning Guild famously reported that one third of all LMS buyers are dissatisfied with their system, and it’s easy to see why. Bloated features, poor usability, bad customer experience and expensive per-user licensing have beset the corporate LMS market for decades – and continue to this day.

tessello was born in response to that world, as an engaging, user friendly learning platform. As with all great products, we are choosy about which features to build, to avoid the ‘feature soup’ complex that besets the traditional LMS market.

Our aim is to keep tessello as a best of breed, cloud based, collaborative learning system.

However, the world of monolithic learning systems is passing, and the global enterprise today typically enables the use of best of breed systems using web services (application programing interfaces, or API’s, for the more technically minded) to enable systems to peacefully co-exist and share information. Almost all modern business systems now support such architectures as standard, and most enterprise LMS vendors also now expose their course catalogues and user data via APIs to ease integration with external systems.

So if you have a suite of applications from one of the behemoth vendors, products like tessello can happily swap out the LMS component, or sit alongside it for tactical programmes, providing a new, more engaging, learning delivery layer with which to thrill your learners on that critical learning programme you’ve been itching to deliver!

And with a tessello customer success manager to help ensure your programme succeeds, not to mention Brightwave’s world-class consulting and learning content services, there’s never been a better time to do it.

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Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash.

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