Personalised professional development: curated resources

We’ve scoured the web for the best insight, research and advice on professional development and personalisation. From TED talks and blog posts to free access to the CIPD hub, this could be the toolkit to kick start your L&D transformation.


Beware online ‘filter bubbles’

Pioneer and author Eli Pariser explores the ‘filter bubble’ that limits our exposure to content across the web.

Perspectives on personalised learning

Brightwave’s Head of Learning Design, Caroline Freeman, catches up with Head of Digital at the BBC Academy, Myles Runham to discuss the evolving ways we consume content.

Breaking the mould at SAI Global

A fireside chat with Jason Baker, Head of Instructional Design (EMEA) at SAI Global, and Caroline Freeman, Head of Learning Design at Brightwave Group discussing the importance of identifying individual risk and personalised compliance strategies.

Continuous professional development

A short series of video clips from experts across L&D on why continuous professional development can take us beyond traditional learning frameworks.

Blog posts and articles

Engagement and performance via learning personalisation

Caroline Walmsley looks at how personalisation can drive engagement and performance in this feature published in Inside Learning Technologies & Skills magazine.

The Internet of Emotions: Putting the person back into personalisation

A speculative post on how technology is moving towards ‘affective computing’, in which content could be personalised and served based on the user’s emotions.

The personal is professional

Brightwave’s Caroline Walmsley explores how changes in consumerism have transformed the way we work and learn and what this means for employees who want to further their skills.

How Twitter can be used for informal personal learning

Learning and social media expert David Hopkins looks at how Twitter can be used to build personal learning networks and fuel continuous learning.

You can learn and get work done at the same time

A look at the value of on-the-job, continuous learning and development, and why this approach should be favoured over formal learning programmes.

Rethinking continuous professional development

L&D expert Jane Hart on why CPD isn’t getting the resourcing it deserves and what this means for individuals looking to further their careers.

The future of e-learning is already here

This explorative piece looks at three projections of the professional world and how personalisation underpins each one, deducing what this means for individuals and organisations looking to grow their talent.

Other resources

CIPD Podcast 101 – CPD for HR

A discussion with senior experts from the CIPD about the benefits and challenges of a voluntary CPD system.


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