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Award winning global learning solutions, products and technology

Who we are

Brightwave group is the leading agency for next generation learning products and services

Expertise, innovation and creativity define our work designing awardwinning solutions that enhance the performance of your organisation.

What sets us apart?

Its our abilty to solve the right problem.

Our experts work in collaboration with you to help identify and define your business and learning objectives. This consultative approach ensures we create tailored solutions focussed on specific performance requirements, from onboarding and systems training to major business transformation and beyond.

tessello is Brightwave’s multi-award winning collaborative learning platform that helps you identify and unlock expertise, empower your employees, and drive on the job performance

Using the latest technologies, we design and deliver award-winning products and solutions that enhance the performance of your organisation.

The choice of approach is carefully considered for each project – we make sure the learner is at the heart of our work alongside your culture and business drivers, your technical infrastructure, delivery date and available budget. It’s all in the planning stages!


Interactivity is the key to the online learning experience and our solutions feature a dynamic mix of exercises, scenarios, practice activities and questions to maximise transfer of knowledge and skills.

Systems training

We develop immersive software simulations using 3 key learning modes: Show me (demonstration). Try It (practice) and Test Me (assessment).

Micro learning

Sometimes ‘less is more’ when it comes to digital learning. Our micro-learning approaches include high impact ‘explainer’ animations, communications trailers and presenter-led video clips, guides and fact sheets.

From onboarding to compliance

We have expertise in a wide range of areas from onboarding to compliance. We take your complex information, digest it and serve it back as engaging and robust learning to consume.

Video and animation


Animation is a powerful and popular visual storytelling technique. We can animate in a range of styles, including info graphics, kinetic typography, white boarding, graphic novel and 3D.


We love video and so do learners. From simple ‘talking head’ clips to immersive, branching scenarios featuring professional actors, we produce short films that capture the imagination and spark behavioural change.

Interactive video

Interactive video promotes high levels of engagement by putting the learner in control. At its simplest, interactive video allows you to enrich a linear video sequence with embedded hotspots. It can also be used to create complex branching scenarios which simulate real-life challenges. The perfect way to apply your knowledge in a safe environment.

Gamification techniques can boost engagement levels, improve knowledge absorption and retention and influence behaviours.

This is why marketers, web designers and learning designers now all seek to harness the motivational power of video games in their products and services.

Serious Games

Serious games educate learners by immersing them in an authentic, visually rich and interactive environment where they are challenged to learn by doing.

Learning games

We embed discrete learning games (or ‘mini-games’) within e-learning courses to communicate key messages forcefully and maintain attention and commitment to learn.

“If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.”


There are a number of problems you will be trying to solve and what sets us apart is our ability to understand your business and help you to solve the right problem… with the right solution

Each organisation has its own unique culture, values, and environment so we tailor our consultancy services to meet your individual business requirements and budgets

Learning strategy:

We review your current training provision and business objectives to help formulate a learning strategy which delivers positive and measurable impact. We assess existing materials, technical infrastructure, audience(s), culture and processes to identify the optimum blend of online / offline learning interventions to deliver an outstanding solution and greatest ROI.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA):

We can review your existing curriculum and learning / business goals, we interview key stakeholders and focus groups. We then provide you with a detailed ‘Roadmap for Change’ report which identifies the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours required to achieve your goals and sets the direction for design, development, delivery and evaluation.

Learner-centric design

The process of self-directed learning is not just about an individual choosing from a spread of learning objects or experiences. It goes deeper than that. The individual needs to work to identify the gap between where they are now and where they want to be – and then they have to understand how to get there.

Learner-centric design empowers the learner with the tools and resources to make this journey alone

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