Infographic: Onboard, not Overboard – Turning great graduates into even better employees

Graduation season is just around the corner. A new generation of engaged, talented individuals are about to enter the workplace. Today’s smart organisation knows that that maximising the value of their fresh talent means getting people up to speed quickly and effectively, and keeping them engaged.

But Millennials are not simply younger versions of your existing workers. They relate to the workplace in a different way to their predecessors. Connected and mobile, they move within and between employers with a greater degree of freedom and confidence. Their habits, preferences and expectations, particularly around workplace ethics, flexibility and technology, are unlike any previous generation. If they’re not happy in a role, if they’re not impressed with the way you operate, they will quickly leap overboard, with all the attendant losses and costs to your business. How do you get them thoroughly embedded not only in terms of your processes and practices, but into your organisational values and culture? How do you get them onboard?

This handy infographic will tell you what your brand new talent is thinking, so that you can get them – and keep them – onboard:

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