On-board and engaged in just seven days: Taking the learning pathway

In his first blog since joining team tessello, Chief Technology Officer Mark Aberdour reflects on his first few days in post – and how tessello itself has been an essential part of his induction and engagement.

Since coming onboard at Brightwave last week, I have been doing my induction training on tessello, our collaborative learning system built and sold as a SaaS learning management platform.

One of things that instantly struck me about the induction experience was rather than working through a collection of ‘click-next’ e-learning modules, I was instead working through a collection of micro-learning resources organised into a learning path, with clear progress indicators at individual resource and pathway level, and a number of experience points ready to be awarded on completion.

Being based around short resources meant I didn’t have to block out a major chunk of time in my hectic first-week diary, but was able to drop in and out as and when I found the time in my schedule.

As the week progressed I also found myself regularly returning to tessello to access previously visited resources to refresh my memory; however instead of navigating through the ‘Induction’ learning path, I was now able to browse the Resources section, or perform a keyword search to get to the resource.

A frequent grumble Learning Technologists face these days is that LMSes are ‘like a shop window – only one where you can’t find anything.’ It’s great to be able to work within a guided learning journey and browse for relevant resources at the same time, without being bombarded with irrelevant, out-of-date or just badly indexed content.

It quickly struck me that this is the very essence of micro-learning in action. A small, informal learning resource that is reusable and easy to find, consumed either as part of a formal training activity or on-the-job support. Of course, there is nothing new to this concept, previous incarnations over the years have masqueraded as performance support, just in time learning, “resources not courses”, bite size learning, job aids, and so on.

But it’s only recently that a new breed of learning systems such as tessello have really supported this type of learning model in an intuitive and user-friendly way. The production of these types of content is not a problem, but arranging them into a platform and framework that fits the needs of new hires and optimises their learning experience from Day One IS a problem – and it’s one we’ve cracked.

The tessello platform is a one-stop shop for formal and informal learning. The micro-learning piece is all about informal, on-the-job support, which is where the vast majority of learning at work occurs. So you’d think making this aspect user friendly would be a no-brainer for workplace learning platforms. Yet traditional learning management systems have been very much built around the concept of formal ‘courses’, so the concept of searchable, easily accessible resources sitting outside of a ‘course’ remains alien to many enterprise LMSes.

Thankfully, next-generation learning systems like tessello now do this as standard, while still playing nicely in the enterprise by integrating with legacy HR and LMS systems. Which means whether you are an SMB searching for a new learning platform, or a global enterprise looking for a best-of-breed platform for high impact programmes without replacing the enterprise legacy LMS, you can take advantage of this new generation of user-friendly, intuitive learning systems to support the modern learner and nurture top talent in the organisation from day one.

If you want to find out how we can bring these seamless induction experiences to your new hires, just get in touch and speak to one of our experts about getting your top talent onboard – fast.

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