Quality assured as Brightwave achieves new BSI standard accreditation

Quality assured as Brightwave achieves new BSI standard accreditation

Quality assured as Brightwave achieves new BSI standard accreditation

Last week Brightwave successfully passed our latest six-monthly British Standards Institute quality management system audit with ZERO non-conformities to report. The standard recognises our organisational ability to reliably meet the needs of our clients, customers and all other stakeholders.

This most recent audit completes our transition to the new quality management standard version: ISO9001:2015. Established in 2015, the updated standard is designed to integrate more easily with other international management systems standards, which is ideal for Brightwave’s current ongoing phase of expansion and development into global markets.

Brightwave’s strength as an expert learning technology provider comes from the excellence of our established processes, and particularly the quality of the people who design and implement them. Bringing the two poles of our business – people on the one hand, technology on the other together – we are consistently able to deliver products and services to a reliable and recognised standard of quality.

Whether it is our next gen LMS tessello, our flexible and extensible proprietary e-learning design framework Waveform, or our ability to effortlessly switch between waterfall and agile production methodologies as our clients and projects require, we are consistently able to work to a set of processes which ensure that quality management is now completely integrated and aligned with the business strategies of the organisation.

Simon Hollobon, Brightwave’s Head of Quality, said:

“ISO9001 supports and drives our culture of high quality and continuous improvement. Accreditation means we have the ability to continually monitor and manage quality across our business and allows us to adapt quickly if needed.

At Brightwave we recognise that quality is as much about experience as it is about products and services. ISO9001 ensures we have a core framework to support our consultative approach and to guide our people to make the right decisions for our clients.

To come away with a successful audit result is a great reflection of everyone’s continued commitment to Brightwave’s quality policies and procedures, as well as our people and products.”

If you have any questions about the way our systems and processes are organised to deliver an optimum experience for our clients, just get in touch.



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