Behavior changing compliance solutions

From diversity and sustainability to governance and ethics, the answers to the challenges facing capital markets and investment banking start with personal everyday behaviours.

Traditional compliance training fails to relate to individual context, and separates the consequences of non-compliant behavior from its source: simple workplace habits, standards and cultural norms.

Brightwave’s world-class digital and immersive learning technologies use empathy, exceptional stories and
innovative narrative techniques to engage learners and change corporate behavior – for the better.

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Build engaging compliance cultures with our new report

We regularly gather compliance procedure and training specialists from the financial services and elsewhere  at our Learning Studio Sessions to workshop new ways of creating engaging compliance cultures.

Your organisation is a complex network of social groups and interactions – using these connections to establish mutually reinforcing compliant-first working habits is the fastest, most effective way of cutting compliance related costs.

Download our new report detailing the key findings and insight from our expert compliance sessions and see how we developed a new future for compliance training to transform the industry.

Watch the video to see what they say about changing compliance:

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