Measuring the success of an online community

We all love data and metrics – they’re a way to consolidate our efforts, to feel secure in the decisions we make each day and inform the decisions we make tomorrow, and demonstrate progress in what we do. Data turns our minute-by-minute behaviours into a golden thread recording our activity and achievements, revealing the direction of our past and our future.

But not all benefits are so tangible.

Nurturing a thriving, active online community often requires strategy and patience. We’ve seen time and time again the benefits of an engaged community within digital learning, but what can you look for when you’re trying to determine this success or prove its value?

There are numerous angles to approach this from, producing complex ROI calculations. But as a simple place to start, one of these factors to consider is how your organisation’s operational efficiency has improved.

Great Communities Boost Performance

We can view a successful community as one that promotes lots of employee collaboration. Not only does this encourage a positive working culture, it also results in increased sharing of information and better individual performances.

Offering a place to distribute knowledge and achievements allows this to permeate through your workforce.

Great Communities Save Time

An open community can also reduce time wasting – alongside a well-organised LMS, employees help each other to locate files they need, or to get an answer from the right person without spending time tracking them down first. Rather than information being shared via emails or in conversation, it can be captured and stored for all – this way, employees are less likely to ask the same questions over and over, or duplicate work.

It’s possible to break these points down into numbers, introducing real data and statistics. We’re experts at getting to know your business and mission and developing ways of turning learning activity into demonstrable business impact and improvements.

But it can also be a real benefit to simply provide a perspective and reflect on what makes a community so worthwhile. Think big. How can an online learning community of practice increase your organisation’s efficiency? What could your people do if they were free to interact across silos and borders, bringing ideas from different sides of the business together to collide ideas and drive innovation?

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