Up close and personal: Optimising the learner experience #learnpersonal

At Brightwave’s recent Up close and personal: Optimising the learner experience event we were joined by a fantastic selection of learning and development experts speaking on the theme of personalisation in learning.

We are very pleased to be able to share the following video resources from the event, produced by our video partner Nice Media.

Ever-upwards: How technology changes everything
Allister Frost, Managing Consultant, Wild Orange Media

In 1965, at the dawn of the computing revolution, a young engineer first predicted that the power of our computers could
grow exponentially, resulting in an ever-accelerating pace of change. Today, fifty years later, technological progress
continues to bring ever-quickening and often irreversible change to people and society. In this edited extract, Allister explores the urgent need to develop ever more tailored and contextually-relevant learning experiences to help organisations stay fit-for-purpose in our fast-changing digital age:

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Made to measure: Trends in personalised digital learning
Meg Stevenson, tessello Learning Consultant, Brightwave

Personalisation across all forms of digital media is opening a wealth of opportunity for learning and development. In this extended extract, Meg discusses the various trends of personalisation and how you can utilise these in the digital learning mix to deliver real impact for your organisation – greater employee engagement, higher retention rates and increased speed to competency.

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Fireside chat: Breaking the mould at SAI Global
Jason Baker, Head of Instructional Design (EMEA), SAI Global
Caroline Freeman, Head of Learning Design, Brightwave

SAI Global is breaking the mould and moving away from the traditional one-size-fits-all learning to engaging bite-sized
nuggets of knowledge that users can adopt to build their own personalised learning experience. Jason Baker joins Caroline Freeman for this fireside chat to discuss the transformation taking place in the field of compliance training.

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Case-study: Performance based learning at Which?
Jane Hapgood, Learning and Development Manager, Which?

Which? is growing so they can make an even bigger difference to consumers. This adds new capabilities into the business,
and the need to be more agile and personalised through their learning strategy to better support employees. Which? is
looking to move from anticipating and responding to the training needs of the business today to giving employees the
tools to equip themselves with the right skills and experiences for tomorrow. In this extended excerpt, Jane shares Which?’s journey and shows how they are proactively shifting performance along the way.

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