Brightwave brings interactive video learning to Learning Solutions 2016

Brightwave’s Head of Learning Design Caroline Freeman previews her session and vlog series at next week’s Learning Solutions 2016 conference in Orlando. Read Caroline’s introduction below…

…Or watch all of Caroline’s Learning Solutions 2016 videos here.

Next week I’m heading off to sunny Orlando – sunnier than here in chilly Brighton anyway – to present a session at Leaning Solutions 2016.

It’s only my second time at an Elearning Guild event – I had a great time at DevLearn last October where we were very lucky to pick up a couple of awards, and I’m hoping to learn a similar amount and reconnect with a few of the lovely people I met last time.

The theme of the conference and expo this year is Sharing What Works, and on Thursday afternoon (4-5.00 PM, session LS807) I’ll be sharing some of our recent successful experiences of working with interactive film for immersive learning which I can tell you really works!

Video is a tool that is really coming into its own for learning. We’re all familiar with how useful youtube can be for finding quick fixes for everyday problems, but we’re exploring new and amazing technologies that let you take that linear video and add all sorts of exciting interactions that create a unique autonomous experience for the learner every time they click play.

I’m going to be spending the rest of the conference going to the sessions, speaking to the experts and trying to work out what the future holds for learning design.

I’ll also be sharing my experiences every day through a series of conference vlogs, so if you’ve got something to say and you’d like to appear in one of them, look me up!

I’m really interested in what’s going on in a few of my preferred areas – there’s video of course, but I’m also currently excited about the state of the art in personalisation, performance support and storytelling, and especially how those three intersect.

I’m already having a good time looking around the conference app so if you’re on there I’d love to connect , and I’d love to hear what you’ve got to say.

What are you looking forward to at Learning Solutions 2016?

What are your thoughts on personalisation? What about performance support and storytelling?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so put them in the comments below or come and grab me in Orlando, and watch out for my first vlog next week. See you there!

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