23 MAY 2019 – Join up the journey: Where engagement meets enablement WEBINAR

Date 23 MAY / 2019
Times 10.00 AM – 11:00 AM
Venue  Online, courtesy of the Learning and Skills Group

Competition for your learners’ attention in the experience economies can be fierce. Today’s packed digital ecosystem means even the best learning solutions become ‘just more content’ that’s all too easy for learners to ignore.

To compete effectively, learning and development must look to communications and PR to re-learn how to engage attention both sustainably and productively.

In our new LSG webinar we’ll share theory, data and case studies to explore how performance enablement can benefit from campaign thinking.


We’ll see where engagement meets enablement and share benefits of joining up the journey with two of our in-house experts –

Olivia Lory-Kay‘s extensive experience as a film industry writer, director and producer offers an inspirational perspective to effective learning campaigns. Focusing on strategic communications and emergent technologies, she successfully melds business needs with creative solutions and innovative approaches. Her consultancy expertise is broad and encompasses stakeholder engagement, business development, workshop design, thought leadership and communications.

Lara Gobbi has 10 years of multidisciplinary design experience. Her expertise spans display advertising, digital comms solutions/campaigns, social media channels and brand development. Working with many of the world’s leading companies such as Nike, HP, Microsoft, Google, Universal and Panasonic, she is focused on providing clients with outstanding and compelling visual solutions. At Brightwave she is responsible for design integrity across all products and platforms.

So sign up to the webinar to learn about:

  • The impact of neuroscience research on our understanding of engagement
  • Joining up the journey between communications and L&D to embed new behaviours
  • Crafting a learning brand to sustain broad organisational engagement
  • Moving from single-intervention learning to a campaign model of enablement… And how to build the campaign.

This webinar has now passed. Click here to download the fully-referenced presentation deck.

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