Bridging the gap: Learners as consumers and campaign delivery

Bridging the gap: Learners as consumers and campaign delivery

Learning beyond 2020 is about adapting knowledge workers to industry 4.0.

Creating new types of worker for the current industrial revolution requires a transformation of learning culture that prioritises experimentation and goes out to meet the learner where – and when – they are. We have developed a learning campaign methodology that does just that.

This year’s LinkedIn learning report noted the following trends in learners’ own assessment of the impact of learning on them:

● 88% of workers know what learning they need
● 50% want a personalised learning experience
● 25% find learning essential to develop their effectiveness

There’s a gap between expectation and reality here – which represents an exciting opportunity.

The same study also showed that only 26% of formal learning has a technology element to it, and that 50% of L&D leaders still look at standard courses as the only digital option.

There is an overwhelming demand to learn new skills for emerging business profiles. There is also a profound disconnect between the possibilities of tech-enhanced learning and the underwhelming reality of learner experience.

It’s clear that in important respects, organisations don’t know who their learners are or what they want. But a simple change of mindset on the relationship between learners and the content solutions they receive, can significantly improve the dynamic.

Learners as consumers

Employees are consumers too. They choose the learning relevant to them on the basis of the same mix of factors they choose what music to listen to, what food to buy, what clothes to wear.

How they learn, and how they apply their knowledge to their roles, is a part of who they are.

And what they are is overwhelmed. We need to be smart about the channels we use to manage the flow of information in a way that enables learners to pick and choose the skills that give the organisation a competitive edge.

So we need to use the techniques of awareness and engagement that consumer-led businesses have perfected. And there are signs that this is happening:

● 65% of talent developers use email marketing to promote learning
● 61% of employees saying they discover learning programs via email marketing
● 69% of L&D teams leverage managers and leadership to promote learning

Appealing to your learners’ inner customer will help you sell-in your learning solutions and stay ahead of the curve.

If you want your employees to learn, you need to remember that they are consumers too.

Brightwave’s learning campaign methodology is precision-engineered to deliver your learning solutions in tune with the need of today’s consumer learners.

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