Learner personas: Putting people first

Check out Kathryn Nixon’s latest article on Learner Personas from Learning Tech Awards magazine:

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re in the middle of developing a piece of learning, or perhaps you’ve just launched a new course or entire suite of modules.

You’ve probably been working hard creating engaging content and smart interactions and chunking your content into digestible topics. So far, so good right?

But can you tell me: Who are your learners?

And I don’t mean: are they new starters or existing employees or whether they’re desktop or mobile learners. And you’re just about to tell me… let me guess, they’re time poor and have to fit the learning in around their day jobs, right?

You can probably also reel off a list of learning objectives – or perhaps business objectives for the learning?

But none of this crucial info really tells me about your learners… you know, those actual human beings who have to sit down and interact with the learning you’ve painstakingly created. The objectives and guidelines – can they ever really tell you who your learners are or what they really need to learn effectively?

Find the answers to all these questions in the August issue of Learning Tech Awards magazine.

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