Intuitive interaction learning design

Intuitive interaction design

We recently looked at three new authoring tools which add new possibilities to the look, feel and function of e-learning solutions. But what do you actually do with them in the context of learning design? And how do you put them to work to deliver the kind of digital learning content today’s sophisticated learners expect?

What should today’s digital learning content look like anyway?

In this new video we put those tools to work, developing intuitive interaction design with Senior Learning Designer Elly Davies. Elly is an instructional design expert with years of experience at the cutting edge of the industry,

It’s all about crafting exciting and unique interactions your learners can immediately use and enjoy before they even realise what they’re doing. It’s about developing new and engaging types of digital experience that delight your learners with memorable modes of content interaction. It’s about using originality and novelty to make your e-learning unforgettable.

How to do intuitive learning design

Ultimately, it’s about how to teach your learners to use your solutions instinctively, using the new types of interaction enabled by touchscreen technology and cutting-edge e-learning authoring frameworks..

Using examples from some of our best recent projects – including a unique blended solution developed in tandem with our sister company Blue Sky, and a mobile-friendly accompaniment to our recent work with Samaritans. Elly shows you the theory and practice behind intuitive interaction design, describing how intuitive interactions deliver learning solutions and outcomes that are:

  • Closely aligned with both the learning outcome and learner preferences
  • Novel and viral – encouraging learning to spread throughout the organisation
  • Memorable and behaviour-changing

This expert learning design video was initially released as part of our Learning Today webinar. 

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