Intro to learning campaigns: Iterate. Understand. Measure.

Find out how learning bridges the pace of change and human adaptability in this extract from Olivia Lory Kay‘s intro to our learning campaign report.

Throughout my career I’ve explored the intersection between people and tech innovation, and how our cultures are shaped by the emergence of new platforms. I’ve practiced this within academia, a communications consultancy and an innovation studio. That intersection is less a place and more a mindset – what we think, feel and ultimately do in a world which is in constant flux.

Finding ways to design and scale change is the biggest challenge, whether you’re working within integrated communications, new tech or learning. It increasingly cuts across customer, learning and now also employee experience. Learning no longer sits in a silo but is integral to help close the gap between the pace of technology change and human adaptability¹.

We need to leverage the insight and tools we already have within our grasp and connect them. The marketing and communications industries are champions at mining insight and putting it to work. Learning and development gets to the heart of what works and why. Platforms such as augmented and virtual reality bring a wealth of new data and are powerful tools for engaging emotions.

At Brightwave, we have been working hard to bring engagement and enablement closer together using the full blend of tools and technologies at our disposal. Because, ultimately, we are asking for the time and attention of the same people – whether they are our colleagues, customers or clients and no matter on what platform or mode we engage them.

Many businesses are so busy creating learning content that they miss a step when it comes to considering what people take from it. And appreciating that there is a big difference between receiving content, taking something from it, and then doing something differently. Complete the campaign by iterating, understanding what is working, and measuring your outcomes and, most importantly, impact.

Affective enablement

Engagement is sometimes shorthanded to a click or a number, but it is emotion (how we feel) that ultimately drives motion (change evidenced by action).

Research shows two things:

1. We only pay attention to things we care about²

2. We process visual information more quickly than words³

L&D often delivers highly visual content that focuses on the very things people care about. Joining up the journey between learning and communications lets us simplify but also amplify learning across diverse disciplines and touchpoints.

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    [1] Astro Teller, quoted in Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends Report

    [2] Immordino-Yang & Damasio (2007) The Relevance of Affective and Social Neuroscience to Education

    [3] Potter, M (2013) Detecting meaning in RSVP at 13 ms per picture

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