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‘Immersive tech is a safe place to foster a disruptive mindset in your learners. We are pushing the boundaries to create content that enables users to really engage with and adhere to scenarios that change the way they work.’

– Mike Harris, Head of Immersive Technology, Brightwave

At Brightwave we are firmly occupying the centre-ground of the immersive revolution, with a focus on where soft and hard skills meet, and where the digital learning blend can itself be extended through XR solutions.

We are moving immersive out of the factories, warehouses and workshops and into everyday environments: offices, agencies, studios, the commuter train – anywhere the learner of the future is or wants to be.

Our research shows that despite the excitement around the immersive learning revolution, L&D professionals are  experiencing difficulty selling immersive into the organisation and unlocking the potential of this transformative learning technology.

That’s why our Head of Immersive Tech Mike Harris is running a series of workshops to help you with your immersive challenges and:

  • Demystify the immersive production process
  • Help you make the business case by showing how immersive creates bigger and better learning outcomes
  • Show you how to leverage immersive to drive behaviour change at all levels


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