Immersive learning and the learning blend: Our vision

Immersive learning and the learning blend: Our vision

We recently invited a team of L&D experts in London to workshop the future of immersive learning. Olivia Lory-Kay takes us through the findings from the day, and describes our vision of immersive’s role in the learning blend…

All digital media are a form of virtual reality. Immersive technologies, which we define as including virtual, augmented and mixed reality (VR, AR, and MR), as well as 360-degree film (all going under the banner of ‘extended reality’ or XR), bring new tools to our immersive learning solutions.

The centre ground of immersive learning

This year we’re excited to be building ain in-house team dedicated to delivering this vision for L&D.  I’m particularly thrilled as I’ll be joined by some former colleagues from the immersive technologies sector, with one joining us as our new Head of Production for immersive content on April 1st (no April Fools’ Day joke there).

Mike attended our very first immersive learning studio session where we explored how we are going to work with clients to enable them to get the best out of what immersive technologies bring to learning.  You can find the outputs from that ‘Challenges and Opportunities’ session here.

While there will always be the need for highly specialised applications around technical or hard skills training, and for sector-specific use cases in areas like education, PR and marketing, we see ourselves as occupying the centre ground of the immersive revolution, with a focus on where soft and hard skills meet and where the digital learning blend can itself be extended through XR solutions.

We’ll be building innovative solutions for measuring learning effectiveness as well as presenting opportunities for adaptive learning content.

Technologies aside, we remain focused on story-driven worlds that delight and engage learners, helping them acquire important knowledge and skills in a way that feels enjoyable.

Our immersive Learning Studio Session

During our Studio Session, we spent our morning exploring use cases and discussing challenges and opportunities for immersive learning. With a bank of Oculus Go’s and a roomful of clients, we looked at a range of curated content. Each had a unique lesson to tell us about the way immersive can be used for different learning needs:

We’d selected Keeping Talking and Nobody Explodes as an example of how virtual reality can be integrated into a group-based learning environment. We curated a number of 360-degree films so attendees could experience the effect of being transported somewhere else and walking in another’s shoes (we selected Rotary International’s Two Drops of Patience and the British Red Cross’ Being a Bystander).

Our third example was the slightly surreal Virtual Virtual Reality which explored how technical skills can be acquired in a gamified way while contextualising the learning and being guided through the experience (in this case by a robot assistant who is helping acquaint you with the various demands of AI clients).

From here it’s on to prototyping a few ideas together. Forunately, we were joined on the day by a group of highly active and engaged clients.  Their ideas and enthusiasm to jump right in, explore the possibilities and share ideas gave us critical insights into how immersive learning can be used in their organisations.

As an output from the session, we’ll be setting up another event to explore specific use cases for augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) learning platforms. Get in touch if you are interested in attending this or attending our next rerun of the session. Or if you have an idea ripe for prototyping – get in touch!

Our vision and ambition for immersive learning

Brightwave are unique in the market place for having the extended skills and capabilities of our parent company Capita providing teams of data scientists, innovation experts and with gold-level partnerships with the likes of Microsoft bringing expertise and scale to our offer. That scale is a real differentiator.

Through our bespoke and crafted learning solutions, Brightwave has always had immersion at the heart of creating effective game or film-based learning. We’ve won awards for this work over many years, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of another revolution in learning technology.

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