How to build a Learnbot

How to build your own Learnbot

AI and chatbot technologies have a whole range of potential applications to Learning and Development technologies.

But turning these promises into concrete results for L&D professionals can seem as distant as the sci-fi futures we’re shown by Hollywood.

We’re about to change all that.

Let our Learning Technologies Consultant Nick Eastham (introduced by our CTO Mark Aberdour) show you how to get started with your own Learnbot – today.

You don’t need a Master’s in AI to make use of this technology in your learning solutions right now – check out the video below and find out step-by-step how to build your own bot interface to include in your learning courses, using readily-available tools that everyone is familiar with.

To get in touch with Nick or one of our other experts for more help on building your own ‘bot interfaces – just get in touch.

This How To video was initially released as part of our Learning Today webinar. 

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