Gamification and simulations

Gamification techniques can boost engagement levels, improve knowledge absorption and retention and influence behaviours.

This is why marketers, web designers and learning designers now all seek to harness the motivational power of video games in their products and services.

Gamification is about using the dynamics of play and competition to speak to your learners on a deeper, more effective level. Simulations are about combining data and narrative to model and experiment with business processes without risking profits. Either of these modes can transform your learning and development from an expensive box-ticking exercise into something that really advances productivity and positive behaviour change.

Virtual reality

Augmented and virtual reality technologies will soon become a ubiquitous household technology. Learning tech has a key role in this future, leading the way with new models and new applications to delight and engage our learners. and you can be a part of it.

Learning in virtual reality is the closest you can get to trying something out without being there. It offers a powerful sense of presence in a realistic scenario dictated by you. It quickly creates the ideal psychological ‘flow’ states for real learning to take place, and the skills acquired can be put to use immediately. Learning in virtual reality is especially useful for scenarios which would otherwise be too dangerous or expensive to set up like high-risk technical training.

Mixed reality

Thought VR was exciting? We go even further than that. In MR, the real and the digital world merge. Physical and virtual objects co-exist and interact in real time. The space around the learner becomes a canvas for learning.

Anything and everything can be projected around the learner without removing the surroundings. Imagination is the only limit. The technology is catching up with the ideas and entering the mainstream.

Want to be ahead of the curve and bring authentic behavioral change to your learning, development and training solutions? This is your chance.

Learning games

This is where education meets entertainment – and we know how to combine the best of both worlds.

We embed discrete learning games (or ‘mini-games’) within e-learning courses to communicate key messages forcefully and maintain attention and commitment to learn.

Learning games use the techniques which make games engaging like game-based dynamics, aesthetics and mechanics to share important new information and embed behavioural changes. Our innate desire for achievement and rewards motivates the learners to keep going even when they fail.

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• Pass rates increased to 95%.

‘The average time saving of two hours per learner, equates across 13,500 learners to an initial labour efficiency worth c. USD$1,000,000 per year.’

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