Game on: Taylor’s Inc.

In this new game, You are a senior troubleshooter at Taylor’s Inc., a global supplier of quality clothing.

You’ve identified that Taylor’s faces three core learning and developmental (L&D) challenges:

Professional Development – Employee Engagement – Performance support

You must deliver a high quality L&D solution that improves all three of these areas to take Taylor’s business to the next level.

What will you do? Click the image below to play:

Utilising branching narrative techniques and multiple-choice questions, through the course of this short game the learner may pick and choose their preferred pathways through the challenges and options they’re presented with.

The immersive storyline, direct address and dynamic scoring gives the learner an absorbing challenge, an appropriate level of skill and discovery for their own level of experience, and, crucially, the space to test theories, fail in safety, and try again.

Built in Brightwave’s bespoke HTML5 development engine/authoring tool WaveForm, the framework for this game was originally built live during an LSG webinar in Spring 2016, using inputs and answers crowdsourced from the audience in real time.

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