Five ways to wellbeing in learning culture

Five ways to wellbeing in learning culture

At Learning Technologies 2020 last week our learning design experts Helen Marshall and Ashleigh Howells held a free seminar to a packed house on the topic of wellbeing in learning culture.

Organisations and learners alike are faced with the exponential challenge of building agile workforces to thrive in a world of perpetual change. The need to constantly adapt can make learning stressful and ineffective. But the evidence shows that learning can boost self-esteem. This is one of the five, evidence-based steps that we can all take to develop our mental wellbeing and resilience.

What five practical steps will make the most difference towards a healthy, productive learning culture? And what tips can you take  into your own organisations and implement today?

Check out the slides below for the answer to all these questions:

To talk to Helen or Ashleigh about bringing wellbeing into the heart of your learning culture, just get in touch.

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