EVENT: Digital business simulations: Gamified reality

Dates 04 OCT / 2017
Times 1130 – 1300 BST
Type Seminar
Price Free
Venue Brightwave Group, International House
Speakers Experts from Brightwave Group and MakeReal
The development of technology is an ongoing story about bringing the real world closer and closer to its digital counterpart. It’s about replicating and transferring real life experiences into the realm of the network, with all its freedoms and effects. Come and see what this means for today’s smart businesses with Brightwave Group and MakeReal. Register now!

At this session in association with Wired Sussex Open Studios, join two of Brighton’s most innovative tech companies and discover how they use real world financial performance data to design digital business simulations.

Business simulations – or biz sims – transform dry data into interactive game-spaces where workers and entrepreneurs can plan, predict and profit from the successes and failures of businesses that have gone before them, in all their complexity and variety. Biz sims create an experimental space where dynamic decisions can be made and modelled without fear of failure.

Come to Brightwave Group’s International House offices on October 4th 2017 at 11.30am, where experts from Brightwave and MakeReal will show you the nuts and bolts behind the concept and design of business simulations, before guiding you through several rounds of simulated game play. (Plus refreshments!)

Meet and network with like-minded people, enjoy some refreshments and test your business skills and insight against our Bar Management sim, where real-world data and case studies inform your options and the dazzling successes – or bitter failures – resulting from your choices.

The biggest brands learn with Brightwave.