Chatbots for learning: Meet the robots…

Chatbots for learning: Meet the robots...

Chatbots for learning: Meet the robots…

Last week we met with a group of learning experts to discuss where chat bots fit into the learning blend.

“By 2020, the average person will have more conversations a day with bots than they do with their spouse”
– L. Heather Pemberton, Gartner

Over breakfast at our new central London tech studio, we held a fun and informative learning session looking how these emerging technologies can complement and develop the way we learn right now, the benefits of bots; what topics they’re a good fit for; and what production and implementation issues to anticipate in their roll-out.

While less than 4 percent of organisations have already deployed conversational interfaces (including chatbots), 38 percent of organisations are planning to implement or actively experimenting with the technology according to Gartner’s 2018 CIO Survey.

To find out more about chatbots themselves, check out our Bot-Bot and ask it a question about the use and evolution of this tech!

You can try questions like How can chatbots be used in L&D? or How good are chatbots at being human?

Bot-Bot - the chatbot bot. Go ahead, ask me about chatbots.

During the session we asked our guests to workshop the persona, tone and characteristics of a pre-programmed bot who knows all about coffee and human health.

We also looked at some of the critical trends and events shaping and powering the current march of the learnbots, exploring a range of factors including:

  • Cloud computing and the ability to store and access large data set
  • Advances in AI
  • Growth of messaging app
  • Simpler and faster to develop and maintain than mobile apps
  • Human-centred design

If you are interested in experimenting with building this tech for yourself, a good place to start is our Learning Technologies Consultant Nick Eastham’s step-by-step guide on How to build your own Learnbot.

We are preparing a report on the day’s events to share late this month. If you would like to receive a copy, just let us know. Or to talk to any of our in-house experts about this or any other exciting new technology making inroads into L&D, just get in touch.


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