Brightwave win Gold for Compliance with PwC at the Learning Technologies Awards

Brightwave win Gold for Compliance with PwC

Brightwave and PwC won Gold at 2018’s Learning Technologies Awards in the Best use of learning technologies to ensure compliance category for Be Smart. Be Secure. – the elearn.

The solution

The winning solution is narrative video-based and features a new approach to individual assessment. It encourages intervention at the point of behaviour and focuses learners’ attention onto their own behaviour in the moment.

Last year, PwC identified a requirement to significantly improve reported human error incidents relating to information management and security. Following a competitive bid process they commissioned Brightwave to produce an innovative, behaviour-changing solution to engage their 18,000+ learners.

Brightwave created an immersive elearning programme, using style and production as key motivators of change, innovative ‘safe-to-fail’ scenarios and a unique assessment mechanism.

The impact of the solution included a significant increase in the target metric of data incident reports, thousands of voluntary learner revisits, and widespread mitigation of risk to PwC clients. It represents the leading edge of a wider drive in the financial services industry to improve security standards and trust through compliance training.

Repeat success at the Learning Technologies Awards

The tightly contested Compliance award is one of the key categories in the Learning Technologies Awards slate. The previous iteration of the same learning solution also won the gold Learning Technologies Award 2015 in this category in a previous successful collaboration with PwC.

Chris Carlin from PwC’s security awareness team, said:
“Cyber security is right at the top of the agenda for business leaders across the world, especially with the continued rise of technology in all aspects of everything we do. Our clients trust us to take great measures to protect their information – the Be Smart. Be Secure elearn helps us do this.”

Colin Welch, Brightwave COO said:
“We are very pleased to have won Gold at the Learning Technologies Awards in this ever-competitive category. Compliance in general and digital information security in particular are areas where it is difficult to achieve lasting and significant behaviour change in such a short space of time. It is a great testament to the design of this project that we were able to point to such an exceptional uplift in its success measures and secure this award. The high quality narrative-interactive video and its unique assessment mechanism show how great learning design can turn compliance from a boring box-ticking exercise into an engaging and effective source of value creation for today’s smart enterprises. ”

The changing face of compliance - infographic

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