Brightwave join Samaritans and The Lord Mayor’s Appeal to launch Wellbeing in the City Learning Tool

Brightwave joined Samaritans and the Lord Mayor of London at St. Stephen Walbrook in the City of London on Monday morning to launch Samaritans’ Wellbeing in the City Learning Tool.
Wellbeing in the City is a far-reaching Samaritans public awareness campaign, sponsored by The Lord Mayor’s Appeal, to change the way individuals and organisations working in the City think about emotional health in themselves and their colleagues.

Brightwave partnered with Samaritans to design, develop and deliver an interactive learning experience tailored to give workers in the City of London the skills to recognise and manage emotional health issues before they reach crisis point.

At the launch, held in a historic Christopher Wren church located yards from the Bank of England, Lord Mayor of London Charles Bowman spoke alongside Samaritans CEO Ruth Sutherland and Huffington Post blogger Paula Bellostas about the importance of Wellbeing in the City in challenging the culture of stress and burnout in the financial industries.

In as little as five minutes, Wellbeing in the City aims to teach busy City workers about the importance of emotional health and give them confidence in reaching out to friends or colleagues who might be struggling to cope.

Lord Mayor of London Charles Bowman said:

“Wellbeing in the City is a ground-breaking emotional support program for City workers and crucially this program brings the expertise of Samaritans right into the workplace.

Wellbeing in the City will focus on listening skills and on identifying the signs that someone in the workplace may be struggling. It includes two online programs: Samaritans active listening skills and Samaritans wellbeing toolkit, both of which have been positively trialled by PWC.

Listening really does save lives. By encouraging people to learn how to actively listen to people who need that help we will build a network of support right the way across the City, right the way across UK financial and related professional services.”

Caroline Freeman, Brightwave’s Director of Design said:

“Everyone at Brightwave is so proud to be involved in such an important and emotionally positive campaign. We’ve developed two learning resources to promote wellbeing and share Samaritans’ expertise in active listening with workers in the City. It’s some of the most emotionally engaging, impactful and important work Brightwave has ever produced.”

To find out more about Wellbeing in the City, register for Brightwave’s webinar on April 19th, where Caroline Freeman and Senior Learning Designer Kat Rolley will speak to Samaritans’ Senior L&D Officer Lucia Capobianco about the development of this unique and innovative learning tool.

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