Brightwave Group takes apprenticeship delivery to the next level with tessello

Brightwave Group’s flagship learning technology system tessello has been selected as the universal platform to manage and deliver Knowledgepool’s new Trailblazer apprenticeships standards.

This collaboration between Brightwave and Knowledgepool unveils an ambitious plan to develop competitive advantage in this new market through quality and innovation, and marks a new affiliation between two different wings of the Capita Learning Services mega-brand.
The new iteration of tessello has been enhanced and reconfigured with added functionality to support apprenticeship delivery in line with the government’s apprenticeship reforms which are phasing out the NVQ style frameworks and replacing them with Apprenticeship Standards.

The introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy, a surcharge applicable to any enterprise with a wage bill above £3,000,000, means that employers have increasingly high expectations about the quality of the apprenticeship delivery they are purchasing.

The introduction of new learning technology strategies via tessello takes Knowledgepool’s online offering to the next level.

Through engaging content and next generation learning functionality, the new platform indicates plans to move Apprenticeship Standard delivery to a blended learning model incorporating the full spectrum of available learning technologies, including e-Learning, social learning, mobile learning and interactive video.

This exciting variety of learning modes is designed to be more efficient and effective at developing the full range of key skills and expertise needed for a successful apprenticeship programme.

Jenny Catlin, Head of Apprenticeship Design at Knowledgepool at said:

‘We are really excited about this opportunity to transform our apprentices’ learning experience thanks to our adoption and development of a cutting-edge platform like tessello. This investment in new learning technology puts us at the forefront of innovative and market leading apprenticeship delivery.’

Sally Earnshaw, Managing Director at Brightwave Group, said:

‘This development in tessello’s functionality represents an exciting step forward for Brightwave. This fusion of next generation learning with the refreshed Apprenticeship Standards programme is a game changer for apprenticeship delivery. It’s the pursuit of excellence that sets Brightwave apart, and this is another great demonstration of that.’

New tessello functionality developed for the Apprenticeship programme includes:

  • Apprentice progress monitoring with automated advance notifications
  • Immediate interaction with assigned Talent Coaches via chat function
  • Learning Communities function to support peer-to-peer learnin
  • Engaging multimedia content and resources to support development

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Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash.

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