Bespoke e-Learning

Digital Learning

Using the latest technologies, we design and deliver award-winning products and solutions that enhance the performance of your organisation.

The choice of approach is carefully considered for each project – we make sure the learner is at the heart of our work alongside your culture and business drivers, your technical infrastructure, delivery date and available budget. It’s all in the planning stages!


Interactivity is the key to the online learning experience and our solutions feature a dynamic mix of exercises, scenarios, practice activities and questions to maximise transfer of knowledge and skills.

Systems training

We develop immersive software simulations using 3 key learning modes:

  • Show me (demonstration)
  • Try It (practice)
  • Test Me (assessment).

Micro learning

Sometimes ‘less is more’ when it comes to digital learning. Our micro-learning approaches include high impact ‘explainer’ animations, communications trailers and presenter-led video clips, guides and fact sheets.

From onboarding to compliance

We have expertise in a wide range of areas from onboarding to compliance. We take your complex information, digest it and serve it back as engaging and robust learning to consume.

Mobile learning

The smart device in your pocket is filled with learning opportunities – and we want you to seize every one of them. Mobile learning is not only about scaling down screen-sizes and adjusting for different software: it needs to be designed with the smartphone, tablet or wearable – and the learner – in mind, to optimise this astounding everyday technology’s full learning potential.

We’re experts in mobile learning design that gets big results, incorporating your learners’ mobile habits, preferences, and the unique interactions of mobile tech. Mobile learning resources bring you closer to your learners, a great fit for dynamic workforces: on the move, thinking fast, and learning on their own.

We’re really good at what we do.

Together. With our clients.

We call it high-impact excellence. In other words – partnering, creating, supporting, delivering, increasing, solving, training, reducing, transforming, leading, award-winning.

Take a look…

Brief: First Rate wanted a new, long term L&D approach that would create thought leaders, reveal key players and share knowledge among their teams. The talent was there – it just needed unlocking.

Results: Since its launch, thousands of comments and replies have been shared in the community and each learner has completed over 80 learning resources.

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