WEBINAR – Learning to transform: Bringing people with you during times of change

The workplace is undergoing some of biggest changes since the last industrial revolution.

As weavers had to adapt to mechanisation, knowledge workers today are adapting to Industry 4.0, which connects automated processes, bots, things and people as never before.

The pace of change outstrips our natural ability to adapt, and the only way to keep up is through faster learning and smarter regulation (Meeker 2019).

Overhauling regulations belongs to legal – but how we learn?

That’s an L&D thing.

The learning function is being called on as never before to manage the acceleration of change.

But where to start? Technology is only part of the picture.

People are powering this change and people not only surviving, or striving, but thriving is the goal of the modern business.

Bringing together coalface insights from our sister trio of companies – Blue Sky, Brightwave and G2G3 – this webinar explores the intersection between learning technology, culture and people.

We’ll share our research and practical experience helping companies manage successful change. Join our Senior Consultant Olivia Lory-Kay to discuss:

  • Culture – the transformation accelerator
  • The new mindsets and skillsets tomorrow’s learners need – from fixed to growth and hard to soft
  • Enablers for engagement and alignment – what is helping, and what is getting in the way?
  • Quantifying success – how do you design and report change?


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