26th Nov: Reducing cyber risk by empowering your people – WEBINAR

26th Nov: Reducing cyber risk by empowering your people – WEBINAR

Learning new skills for digital resilience

When: 26th November 4.00-5.00pm GMT/11.00am EST
Where: Online

Insecure working behaviours are consistently the greatest vulnerability any organisation faces against the growing risk of cyber-attack. Vulnerabilities emerge from non-secure everyday working habits, causing untold damage to hard-won reputations and customer trust.

Operational resilience and security against growing cyber-attacks really is a team sport: everyone has a role to play. We need radical new approaches to engaging and involving people – giving the digital skills and confidence to be vigilant and resilient at the right times.

So how can you…

…Make your people your best defence?

Join Nick Wilding, General Manager of Cyber Resilience at AXELOS RESILIA, and Brightwave’s Head of Propositions Dan Jones for a lively webinar on November 26th to discuss the human factor in operational resilience and sustainable, resilient behaviour change.

Find out:

  • The potential impact a cyber-attack could have on your business – and who the hackers are targeting
  • Why people-centric security is your best defence against attack
  • How to continuously update digital skills and behaviours to stay ahead of ever-changing cyber-attacks

This webinar is now concluded.

Click here to view the recording.


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