12 Themes of 2018

12 Themes of 2018: Day 12

‘Tis the season for people everywhere to release their end-of-year round ups. All over the globe axes are ground, hatchets are buried, and sometimes, sometimes, meaningful resolutions a for progress are made.

If you prefer your roundups smart, evidence-, experience- and insight-based – you’ve come to the right place. Our CTO Mark Aberdour is using his two decades in learning and development to survey the changes in the industry during 2018. He’s going to extrapolate those themes to see how we are going to move 2019 – with the future more up-for-grabs than ever.

Every day up to the festive break Mark is going to look back at the critical recent developments in learning and development, highlight one particular trend to explore,  and draw a comprehensive picture of where-we-are-now. This will provide a fresh starting point as we lead up to his session at Learning Technologies 2019, where he will be Mapping the landscape and driving the evolution of learning technology.

Click on the images below to go through to the full articles:

The learning tech market is a bewildering place but offers exciting choices to those who can navigate it

The LMS isn't dead, it's being combined with multiple, specialist products into a 'learning technology stack'

While early adopters experiment with AI, we should all educate ourselves on the issues and risks

Everybody's still talking about xAPI, but research shows it's struggling to gain traction on the ground.

People still aren't measuring the business impact of learning, and the measures of success may even be shifting...

Day 8: Personalised learning is the new normal aong tech providers and can help fix employee engagement problems

Day 9: What the research says in 2018 - Instructor-led training still reigns supreme

Day10: Immersive learning is still an emerging nice area, but there's little to stop you dipping your toes in and experimenting

Come back every day between now and December 20th to see where learning and development is going and give yourself the knowledge to succeed in 2019.

To talk to Mark yourself, just contact us.

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